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The people on this page share over 50 years of experience in content production and content licensing. We are experts in deciphering documentation for our production elements. Contact an individual below, or, if you are unsure who to contact, see general information at right. A call or email to either destination will get you a response within 24 hours.

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Kory Krinsky 865-560-4128

Rights Analyst
Internal Services
    • Born:  Albany, NY
    • Favorite Place(s):  Shenandoah NP, Tulum, Montreal, Paris, Lake Champlain, Gainesville FL on Game Day...
    • Languages spoken:  English, and limited Spanish
    • Interests: Fly Fishing, Surfing, Gator Football, Spending time with my wife and dog
    • Years at Discovery:  3 Years
    • Favorite DA Content:  All of the aerials and natural history

Van Johnson 865-560-4183

Internal Account Manager
  • Born:  Washington, DC
  • Favorite Place(s):  sitting on a beach…
  • Languages spoken:  English
  • Interests:  Travel, Softball, Live Concerts, Picnics, Racquetball, Tennis, Bowling, Spending time with family/friends, Tooling on cars
  • Years at Discovery:  20
  • Favorite DA Content:  Anything from Atlas Discovery